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On Sunday, December 17th, Maisy Carvalho hosted a hair donations drive sponsored by Pantene Beautiful Lengths. At this drive, she had a panel of volunteer hairdressers come in to cut eight inches off of people hair. Those eight inches were then sent to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to be made into wigs for women with cancer. Maisy cut an outstanding number of twenty- eight ponytails and raised a total of $700 which was donated to South County Hospitals Cancer Treatment Center.“ I was overwhelmed by the turnout. This was a Christmas gift better than any, to those receiving the wigs, those who chopped, and myself. This day goes down in the books. I am so thankful for those who helped me pull it off, for I can not take full credit! Thank you to those who shared your story with me, it was an amazing reminder that none of us are alone” said Carvalho. Maisy has recently cut eight inches off of her hair as well to add the final twenty- ninth ponytail to the denotation.


Laura Kralicky’s senior project was to host an event and create care packages for the homeless. She collected 2,500 items from two churches and two elementary schools. With those items and a little teamwork, Laura was able to make 220 care packages. She donated them to McAuley House in Providence. They were extremely grateful for the donations!


Jillyan Mobley’s senior project was to host an event and raise money for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. At first, her project was suppose to have students pay money and paint parking spots outside of the high school. But with weather issues, she decided after school one day to decorate the courtyard with bright chalk drawings to bring awareness to this issue.


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