Alexei Navalny: Vladimir Putin’s Foil

Michael Vento, Editor-in-Chief
May 10, 2021

President Vladimir Putin has been Russia’s top leader for nine years. Ever since his “election”, the pillars of Russian democracy have crumbled. A former member of the KGB, Putin is well equipped...

To the moon: Explaining the current stock market situation

Kyle Thole , Website Editor
March 5, 2021

For two centuries, the stock market has been an asset used by the American people to gain more money by investing in companies. In January of 2021, this system was shown to be flawed in the modern age. On...

US rejoins Paris Climate Agreement

Olivia Wood, Staff Writer
March 5, 2021

We have all heard the warnings. Presumably, the world only has a decade to prevent irreversible climate damage. No other country has contributed more to global warming than the United States, and, now...

Governor Raimondo to become next Secretary of Commerce

Caroline Dowd, Features/A&E Editor
March 2, 2021

On March 1, the Senate voted to advance the official confirmation for Governor Gina Raimondo, with votes 84-15 in favor of the potential Secretary of Commerce.  The votes came after Senator Sheldon...

Second Amendment Sanctuaries: Are they legal?

Zachary Hurwitz, Staff Writer
March 2, 2021

With President Biden’s plan to stop gun violence through restrictions, gun owners and second amendment activists are concerned that the legality of gun-ownership may soon be jeopardized. This has led...

Meeting with Student Union President Cedor

Michael Vento, Editor-in-Chief
February 12, 2021
The president and I also talked about maintaining Student Union’s credibility townwide. Cedor said the most important thing is that the “students actually give their perspective . . . and go to Town Council and School Committee meetings.”

Latest in technology shown off at CES

Linden Rogers, Staff Writer
January 22, 2021

Every January, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Consumer Electronics Show takes place. This is where tech companies from around the world show off their latest concepts, talk about their vision of the future...

Town Council, School Committee election results

Kaelib Courtwright, Sports Editor
November 13, 2020

The results from election day are in, and the North Kingstown Town Council and School Committee have a mix of incumbent returns along with new member entrances.  For the Town Council, two candidates...

Jahmal Gonsalves case

Charlotte Clawson, Staff Writer
November 12, 2020

On Mon., Oct. 26, videos surfaced of a Providence police cruiser striking twenty-four-year-old Jhamal Gonsalves. After the accident, Gonsalves was taken to Rhode Island hospital, where he was in critical...

NKStudents4Candidates causes tension between Democrats and Republicans

Kyle Thole, Online Editor
October 29, 2020

A political action committee (PAC) known as “NKStudents4Candidates” has recently faced issues raised by town Republicans. These Republicans warned that they would not participate in this year's candidates...

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