Introducing Daniel Goba

Charlie Wright and Redwood Wright

North Kingstown High School is home to many incredible soccer athletes, one of whom is Daniel (Dan) Goba. Goba first started playing soccer through the Ocean State recreational soccer program when he was just six years old and has been consistently playing since. 

Goba has had many accomplishments in the past few years, although his biggest one was winning the 2020 national championship with the Bayside soccer team in Colorado in terrible conditions. They were playing in a rough climate, it was very hot, and it was challenging to adapt from moderate New England temperatures. 

Goba said that through his high school, his biggest struggle was “remaining mentally calm in every game. Sometimes playing sports it is easy to lose focus or let your emotions get the best of you.” Dan said, “For me it was really hard to remain calm during tough games and this is something I have worked and improved upon especially during my high school years.”

Despite the hard times, Dan will continue to play as he loves the sport and he wants to make a good impression on the younger athletes of the team. It’s important for Dan to work hard at soccer because he is the senior captain and knows the other players look up to him and his fellow upperclassmen. 

He hopes that through his own leadership the younger players will adopt similar leadership qualities. Another way Dan tries to influence the younger students is by spreading awareness of VAASA to others. 

VAASA (Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse) is a leadership program that Dan and other varsity athletes have joined.  They attend monthly meetings and promote substance-free life. Each year, VAASA visits North Kingstown middle schools to educate the students on the dangers of drugs and drinking.  

Dan has a post-high school plan to play collegiate soccer at an unknown college, but he will know soon and there is no doubt he will do great things there.