Democracy Letter to the Editor: Removing Senior Projects

January 29, 2019

To the Editor: I am writing on behalf of the North Kingstown student body to address a very prevalent issue: Removing the senior project. Many schools in Rhode Island have already came to the decision to remove it, and North Kingstown is one of the last in the state to still have it. Rhode Island...

Democracy Letter to the Editor: Junior Off Roll

January 29, 2019

To the Editor: With the success of the off-roll schedule for seniors, it's time to consider expanding it for students in their junior year at North Kingstown High School. This would be able to benefit students in their junior year to potentially get a head start on internships, also benefiting their...

Democracy Letter to the Editor: Chromebook Charging Stations

January 28, 2019

To the Editor: Most students in North Kingstown High rely on Chromebooks for many aspects of their academic career. However, those Chromebooks sometimes can prove to be a hassle to charge. I’m certain that there are many days where some people come to school with their Chromebooks not completely ch...

Democracy Letter to the Editor: Class Colors

January 28, 2019

For many years students looked forward to dressing up in the class colors. Recently that changed, the administration made the competition less fun. It may seem that if we are not all wearing the same colors then we are not bringing unity to the school; however, it brings more unity to the school when...

Letter to the Editor: Dating Abuse

January 28, 2019

To the editor:   I am a junior attending the North Kingstown High School and want to address an issue that has been circulating around school for as long as I’ve been here. North Kingstown is a place for people to make new friends and make new relationships, specifically romantically. We can all agre...

Democracy Letter to the Editor: CPR

January 28, 2019

Currently, I am a junior at North Kingstown High School and I am trying to add first aid and CPR training to the North Kingstown middle and high schools. Throughout all my years of being a student in this district, I have only been introduced to first aid training and not CPR training yet. The first ai...

The Notorious Nineteen

November 30, 2018

THE NOTORIOUS NINETEEN Dear Editor; Autumn is deepening, and seniors are thinking harder and harder about their next step. For many of us, your generation is the hope of the future. The Parkland high school shootings galvanized young people across the nation to passionately advocate for common sense...

PARCC testing is a waste of time, resources

Rachel Berson, NKHS student

March 12, 2015

To Whom it May Concern: I am writing in regard to the PARCC testing that has recently been implemented at NKHS. Many people seem to believe that this test is supposed to help students get ready for college, but in reality, it is wasting our time and money on a test that cannot truly measure a student's...

Importance of volunteering

Letter - Erin Wietman / Hana Schein, NKHS students

December 11, 2013

To the editor, As students at North Kingstown High School, we feel it is greatly important that students, especially upper classmen, take part in volunteering. Not only does volunteering look good on college applications, but it teaches students about values not attainable in school. I feel it is important...

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