Democracy Letter to the Editor: Junior Off Roll

To the Editor:

With the success of the off-roll schedule for seniors, it’s time to consider expanding it for students in their junior year at North Kingstown High School. This would be able to benefit students in their junior year to potentially get a head start on internships, also benefiting their sleep schedules. A notorious issue students have with the current schedule is that it requires students to be in school when they are taking classes they do not need or want. Expanding off roll would allow students to avoid the classes they do not want to take altogether by attending internships and not waste time in school. When students have already completed the necessary classes and are within good academic standing they would be eligible to participate in junior off-roll. Not only would this increase the student morale, but it would help students get an earlier start on current or future career opportunities. The North Kingstown School Committee should advocate for all upperclassman to have the opportunity for an off roll schedule.

Jay Taylor