Letter to the Editor: Open the bathrooms

Teagan Kelly

Currently at North Kingstown Highschool our bathrooms are closed due to students writing on walls and stalls, throwing wet toilet paper and paper towels everywhere, and many other things. We only have access to the second floor bathrooms to keep track of who is doing these things; personally I believe that closing the bathrooms narrows the chance to find out who is doing these things. Deans, teachers, and even the principal are monitoring the second floor bathrooms at all times in order to make sure only five kids are going in and that nothing inappropriate is going on. Personally I don’t believe this is the correct solution; closing the bathrooms is only going to solve some of it, students are less likely to be vandalising if they know they are being monitored because they don’t want to get in trouble. It will only be solving the problems for a short amount of time and it will mostly likely get worse in those bathrooms as the rest are closed. The school should just start punishing these actions more harshly instead of making it more difficult for other students who aren’t a part of the problem to use the bathroom; it’s time that the student body needs to realize these actions don’t do anything productive for them and that it is inappropriate to be acting this way.