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A Review of The Tortured Poets Department

Lily O'Neill, Head of Writing
May 2, 2024

As many people may know, a new Taylor Swift album can mean many things. Staying up till midnight anticipating the release, hunting for easter eggs in the months up to the release, and guessing which song...

North Theater kicks off with “Grease” rehearsals

Nicholas Floody
February 24, 2023

North Theater starts their first weeks of rehearsal for its production of Grease. Rehearsals started after winter break, and the cast and crew will be working hard every day until the show premieres...

‘Blonde’ — Frank Ocean’s sonic world

Luke Patterson, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

In 2016, after a four-year hiatus, one of music’s most elusive artists, Frank Ocean, returned to the music scene to make his biggest statement yet, Blonde. In one hour, over the course of 17 tracks,...

‘1917’ — Reflecting the harsh realities of war

Ryan Henderson, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

War is a subject that has fascinated historians and writers for hundreds of years, and studies show that conflict between factions has occurred throughout humanity's entire existence. War is a subject...

‘The Maze Runner’ review

Jade Infantolino, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

The Maze Runner Trilogy follows a group of boys put into a maze that is always changing paths. Without memory of their life before the maze, they are forced to fight for their lives as they face the creatures...

Signs from the Audience: A review of Car Seat Headrest’s album ‘Teens of Denial’

Kay Raymond, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

In 2016, two years after signing to the music label Matador Records, indie-rock band Car Seat Headrest released their critically acclaimed album Teens of Denial. It was their first album professionally...

Anna Karenina movie review

Regina Williams Culebro, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

Anna Karenina is a 2012 movie directed by Joe Wright and inspired by the classic romance novel published in 1877 by Leon Tolstoy.  The novel tells the story of Anna, a woman with the "perfect life,"...

22 Bowen’s — Good food and great time for those willing to spend

Jack Vieira, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

Near the water at 22 Bowen's Wharf, Newport, sits the classy steakhouse 22 Bowens.  After going to the restaurant with my family, I think that it was a great experience. As I entered the restaurant,...

The Matrix Resurrections: A worthy installment, or just another loop?

Peter Kaiser, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023

The Matrix. Whenever its cult-classic title is dropped, an air of nostalgia fills the room.  As a kid, having never seen the Matrix, and hearing only stories from the “cool” third graders whose parents...

Is ‘Wednesday’ really worth the hype?

Hana Toler, Staff Writer
January 25, 2023

The world became seemingly transfixed with Wednesday as soon as it was released to Netflix on November 23, 2022. Within just 19 days of its release, the show garnered 1.02 billion views, trailing just...

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