Democracy Letter to the Editor: Class Colors

For many years students looked forward to dressing up in the class colors. Recently that changed, the administration made the competition less fun. It may seem that if we are not all wearing the same colors then we are not bringing unity to the school; however, it brings more unity to the school when each class competes against the other. Students wait till their seniors to be able to wear the black and gold colors. This years past pep-rally was lacking intensity from everyone, class colors can bring pride and friendly competition between classes. Conversing with fellow classmates, they were not nearly as enthusiastic as they were in my prior years. Another way in which the pep-rally can improve would be moving it inside. Inside the pep-rally was so much louder and everyone was more involved. When it was outside it was tough to see and tough to hear. Class colors need to return to the pep-rally.

-Ben Gilmartin