Democracy Letter to the Editor: Chromebook Charging Stations

To the Editor:

Most students in North Kingstown High rely on Chromebooks for many aspects of their academic career. However, those Chromebooks sometimes can prove to be a hassle to charge. I’m certain that there are many days where some people come to school with their Chromebooks not completely charged and hope to find a charger from someone in school. That can be somewhat of a problem for students especially if they have a class that depends heavily on the usage of their Chromebooks. There are a number of times where I have heard friends and other students who complain about their Chromebooks not being charged or asking anyone they can find if they could borrow a charger for their laptops. Students also don’t usually bring their own Chromebook chargers to school which forces them to hopefully find a place to charge their laptops for class. I propose giving students the chance to have a place in the school where they can charge their Chromebooks at any time before/during/after school. Having a place for students to charge their Chromebooks would ensure that nobody would come to class without an essential material for certain classes. There are a few places that these charging stations can be placed throughout the school. Some areas like the media center, cafeteria or a few classrooms on each floor are ideal for them. Charging stations for Chromebooks can be extremely useful to every student in the school.


Madison Wilkins