Graphic Graffiti

Chris Dunlaevy, Editor in Chief

Students were surprised to find the front entrance of North Kingstown High School covered in graffiti when they returned after holiday break on Thursday morning. The graffiti had use of explicit language, as well as graphic drawings. It has also been stated by multiple students that stop signs along Annaquatucket road were tagged with peace signs as well, as well as the sign in front of the school.

Principal Dr. Barbara Morse issued a statement over the loudspeaker at 8:38 am, stating that police had begun investigating the vandalism and they were sending a cleaning crew later in the day. Morse added, “The spirit of NK is not just in the brick and glass. We will continue to focus on the people in the building.” 

Superintendent Phil Auger told WPRI that 3 people were captured on surveillance cameras Wednesday night at 11 pm. 

Senior Paula Perez, regarding the incident, said, “I think that the vandalism is definitely shocking, to see on the first day coming back from break, it’s also frustrating to know that we have to spend money getting rid of it, which is more detrimental to us than anybody else, because that money could be going towards extracurricular activities, or upgrading anything. We’re losing money that could be spent on better things just because somebody chose to vandalize [the school].”