Loss after loss: A new Patriots season

Blake Beattie, Staff Writer

Two wins, five losses. Tom Brady? Gone. Rob Gronkowski? Gone. Malcolm Butler? Gone. Julian Edelman? Injured. Dont’a Hightower? Opted out. Patrick Chung? Opted out. These six star players who were once on the Patriots roster are currently not playing. This has left Patriots fans in sorrow and panic, wondering who else can continue the great winning dynasty. 

Winning six Super Bowls in seventeen years does not happen often. That historic stat is what New England accomplished from 2002-2019. Now, they are two and five, and third in their division (the AFC East) after four consecutive losses. 

“I think the Patriots will win another super bowl,” Matthew Lynch said. “This is because Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time.” Lynch, a New England Patriots fan, is a freshman at North Kingstown High School.

This past offseason’s letdown was when Tom Brady made the decision to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Patriots’ franchise quarterback, their most valued player who won all six Super Bowls and led New England to seventeen straight winning seasons, is now gone from the team. 

I don’t think the Patriots dynasty is over because Tom Brady left,” freshman Pats fan Brendan Donaghey said. “They still have a good general manager and owner.” Donaghey said.

Since 2002, the saying for Patriots fans has been “Brady and Belichick: the gifted quarterback and mastermind general manager.” The two leaders combined were nearly unstoppable. They are nowadays known as two of the best to do it at their position. Now that Brady has left, New England fans are hoping Belichick does not either.

“Bill should stay with the Patriots,” Lynch said. “He has been with them for 20 years and has won consistently in the past.”

Ever since the Patriots lost to the Titans in the 2020 playoffs, the option of rebuilding their team was becoming more popular since the roster is getting old, and the team is getting worse. The thought that you can not be good forever was sitting in the back of every Patriots fan’s mind. 

I think the Patriots should rebuild their roster and form a new team,” Donaghey said. “They need to get rid of their older players and acquire new, better, younger players.”

The New England Patriots are frequently recognized as one of the “NFL’s Top 100” teams. The hard question is, which Patriots team was the best? Could it be the close call clutchness in ’02, ’04, and ’05, the interception in ’15, the comeback in ’17, or the defense in ’19?

“The 2015 team because they had a lot of talent,” Benjamin Selle said. “Their weapons, combined with their smart and strategic coach, they had created a great team.” Selle, a New England Patriots fan, is a freshman at North Kingstown High School. 

Consequently, regardless of the year, they were all great teams to watch, continuing the dynasty that may never be beaten. Unfortunately for current New England fans, they may not see another playoff-caliber team for a while. All they are able to do is eagerly hope for wins and a playoff spot this season.