A Bubbly Sensation

Michael Cavros

“Bubbler,” a Rhode Island word, has been existing for a long time, giving children a nice drinking fountain opportunity. Bubblers have been known to be really good or really bad. The hunt for the mythical bubbler has been completed today, with a rating of all the bubblers in NK.

In the school, there are 16 easily accessible bubblers, four on both the second and third floors, and eight on the first floor. These bubblers are all ranked on a ten scale on the subjects of taste, temperature, and power.

The bubblers to avoid are the first and third floor bathroom bubblers and the cafeteria bubbler, which all had average scores below six. They were all relatively warm, and had an acidic or stale taste. The power of the bubblers was average, although the other stats lowered the power enough to be below average.

The second floor bubblers and the third floor top bubbler on the hall side are all average, and are quite accessible, scoring averages of 6.6, 8, and 7.3. They taste like normal tap water, and are slightly chilled, although the hall bubblers did have a bit more power to them.

The three gym bubblers also placed around seven points, each having a high score on the temperature, but lower scores on both taste and power. They tasted plain, and kind of old, like tap water that had been sitting for ages.

The best three bubblers, however, are the hall bubblers on the first floor and the bottom hall bubbler on the third. They all placed with high averages of 8.6 and above. The temperatures were 10’s and 9’s, tastes being all nines, and high powers across the board, consisting of three 10’s and a 9.

So, If you’re going to go get a drink, now you know where to look for the highest quality water.