Seniors Share Sapience

Tips for underclassmen

Olivia Wood, Editor

Dear Freshmen: welcome to NKHS! In the next four years, you will discover new things about yourself: what you like, how you learn, and who you want to be. It sounds cliche, but many of us seniors would agree. Four years of walking these halls, trying not to get too annoyed at the perpetual traffic jam on the Spine, and eventually discovering that there is not actually a fourth-floor pool has instilled some degree of wisdom into us. Below are some of the most important tips we have learned in our four-year lifetime at NKHS, brought to you by the senior class of 2023.

– Get to know the people who you eat lunch with; it’s a great way to make friends.

– Manage your time in class wisely and you’ll have less homework; try your best to start your assignments as early as possible.

– Try to form relationships with teachers. It helps when you want letters of recommendation, and the school day can be more fun once you get to know them. (Letters of rec are typically requested during the end of your junior year.)

– Go to a meeting of any club you are slightly interested in, and just stick to the ones you love and inspire you.

– Walk fast on the RIGHT side of the hallway.

– Joining a sport (even if you’re unfamiliar with it) is an awesome way to make friends. You bond so fast with your teammates from spending so much time with them.

– Don’t procrastinate. It turns into a habit that can really become a problem as your classes get harder (junior year especially).

– Try as many activities that you can reasonably balance with your academics during your freshman and sophomore years. That way you can find out what you like and are passionate about, so then you have two more years to hone your skills and possibly grow to a leadership position.

– Put on deodorant.

– Participate in all the Homecoming Week activities, and go to football games; they are all so much fun. (Author’s Note: Even if you think it’ll be stupid and lame, just go, because you don’t wanna stay at home when you could’ve had a surprisingly fun time. After all, often the best memories are made when you least expect it.)

– Don’t scream in the hallways. It’s extremely annoying.

– Get to know everyone.

– Have a balance prioritizing both school work and your mental health.

– Get to know your teachers early on! Figure out their late work policy, if they stay after to give extra help, and more.

– Prioritize school but don’t miss out on the fun.

– Chances are, you won’t have the same friend group from freshman to senior year. Be open to branching out, and stick to friends that bring out the best of you.

– Do something out of your comfort zone.

– Remember your teachers are just normal people and for the most part you can be yourself around them!

– Start thinking about/exploring college options EARLY. Don’t wait until junior year to build your resume. Find clubs, summer programs, internships, and other opportunities through colleges you might be interested in.

– Don’t stress about or compare grades. (Author’s note: Heavy on the comparing grades. No matter how tempting it is, it’s never helpful. Competing with your peers is scarcely beneficial for anyone involved. Competing with yourself is the best motivation to improve.)

– Out of anything, do every homework assignment, even if it’s wrong. It shows EFFORT. No matter what grade you get on it, it will help you so much in the long run.

– Get involved as much as you can! The play and the musical are a ton of fun and a great way to meet a lot of cool people.

Listen to advice from seniors.

– Listen to advice and instruction from your teachers. After all, they make your tests, dictate your grade, and influence your future both at NKHS and beyond.

– Stay after school and get help from teachers.

– Cherish. Every. Moment. You’ll be about to graduate before you know it.