NKHS welcomes Class of 2018


Amelia Oates

Mr. Mark DeLucia’s freshman advisory at NKHS

The much-anticipated four years of high school became reality when 370 freshmen walked through the doors of NKHS on Aug. 25, many of them for the first time. Members of the freshman class hail from Davisville, Wickford, Jamestown, and a handful of cities and towns across the state and nation.

With the start of the new school year, freshmen are getting adjusted to NKHS’s academic classes and becoming involved in activities and athletics. North Kingstown’s freshmen will walk across the Ryan Center stage in June of 2018.

Ms. Melissa Wetzel, a science teacher, will serve as class adviser for the freshman class. Wetzel has worked at NKHS as a long-term substitute for the last two years, and this is her first year as an official teacher. “I thought [being class adviser] would be a great way to get involved with [my] first incoming class,” she said.

The first freshman class council meeting was held on Sept. 11. Over the next four years, the group will plan fundraisers and school events, such as class activities, homecoming, and proms. In addition, Wetzel is looking for another faculty member to work alongside her as class adviser.

The freshman class council will meet each Thursday in October in Wetzel’s classroom, Rm. 327. Interested students can stop by Wetzel’s room with questions. The first item on the agenda is coordinating the class banner, tug-of-war team, and powder-puff team for homecoming.

While Wetzel has worked to get the class council underway, freshmen have begun to get to know each other better and have started to work hard in the classroom and on the athletic field.

One of 48 ninth-graders from Jamestown, Nick Gaudreau has had an interesting, but good, start to the school year. NK “is, like, ten times bigger than Jamestown,” Gaudreau said. “I thought it wasn’t going to be so big.” However, Gaudreau’s involvement in cross country has helped him meet people and make friends.

Freshman Gianna Iannelli was homeschooled her entire life up until her first day of high school. Before this year, Iannelli had no set schedule and could get up at 9 a.m. for school. Even so, Iannelli has had a “pretty good” start to her freshman year, and hopes to play soccer next fall and “possibly do track in the spring.” Iannelli’s older brother Shane is homeschooled but plays on the NKHS varsity soccer team.

Austin Guibeau came to NKHS this year from Davisville Middle School. Guibeau is not yet involved in any sports or clubs. His favorite class is World History with Mr. Mooney because he “makes the stuff that we learn interesting.”

Another freshman, Abby Meyers, moved to the district from a small town in south-central Idaho. Similarly to Iannelli, she was homeschooled before coming to NKHS. Meyers is staying in Rhode Island for ten months while her dad, a member of the U.S. Air Force, studies at the Naval War College in Newport. Prior to moving to Idaho, Meyers had lived in North Carolina, Virginia, Korea, Alabama, and Alaska.

Although she is only going to NKHS for this school year, Meyers is looking forward to getting involved in school activities. She wants to act in the school play this fall and possibly be in the musical this winter. “I have had a great first experience [as a high school student] because everyone here is super nice,” Meyers said.