NK experiences “spring fever”

Spring fever, a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring. Many students at North Kingstown High School are beginning to feel this way as we approach the final stretch of the school year before summer. It is interesting and exciting to see what the students are up to and enjoy doing after dealing with dark, early nights and cold weather. Spring time is a little different for every student. For seniors Gianna Guillotte, Oliver Randall, and sophomore Ryan Jones, they all take in the sun with different yet exciting activities.

Gianna is always anxious for spring weather to pick up so she can finally start playing her favorite sport outdoors again. Gianna said, “Soccer for me is indeed a year round sport, but in the winter, it is just not the same.” After being cooped up for months, new englander’s certainly receive a case of cabin fever. To shake this, it is great to have an outdoor hobby or sport to do to stay active and soak up some vitamin C.

Gianna enjoys spring time soccer for these reasons and is very thankful she has something she is so passionate about where she can practice and create bonds with her teammates while doing it. “Being outdoors and feeling the sun and wind while I run through the new grass is something that I can only feel while playing soccer in the spring time,” said Guillotte. “It is a feeling that stays with me throughout the year and I constantly look forward to it, this is the feeling that keeps my passion for soccer so strong.” It is very important to get outdoors during spring, and for Gigi it is very easy with her love for soccer.

Senior Oliver Randall says that spring and summer are the best times of the year as he can be outdoors all the time. Oli believes that having a hobby in the spring makes it so much better sincw he can do what he enjoys most including activities like swimming, climbing, and adventuring. He said, “My family and I have a ritual wgere every Sunday throughout they we go to Narragansett Beach and go swimming, rain, snow, sunshine, it doesn’t matter!” This is a reason why, for Oli, when the weather begins to get warmer, he is automatically happier as he has dealt with the freezing cold for months. Spring fever is real for him, he likes to be outside every day to appreciate it he says, “Me and my friends always like to take advantage of the weather when it’s good, we do a lot of things after school, like go to parks, climb buildings, and play sports.” Although he does not have a specific team he is a member of, he still has reasons to be outside and enjoy his surroundings. He states, “there’s no reason to be indoors on  beautiful day!”

Ryan Jones is a sophomore who also has a passion for the outdoors. Ryan celebrates his spring fever in many different ways including hanging out with friends, working, and playing soccer. He loves to play soccer once or twice a week as it gives him a schedule and reason to be outside, getting exercise, which he knows is very important. “Keeping busy is easy and important for me, I love working out every day, being with my pals, but also working is a necessity,” said Jones. “The hardest part is keeping a balance of all of my priorities and focusing on my school work while also being busy and distracted.” Having a spring job is also important as it not only gets you saving up money for the summer, but also helps you appreciate the time more when you are not working and have a more grateful vibe. Ryan’s free spirit comes out more in the spring as he is exposed to life in multiple ways with a busy schedule, but still time to have fun to enjoy time with his friends. “Being outside is a necessity to life, and in the spring it is just that much easier to enjoy it and get out there!”

Spring is a time that should be celebrated for all people, and for students at NK, they seem like they know how to do it. Gigi, Oli, and Ryan all look forward to the warm weather throughout the winter so when it comes around finally, they do not let it slip away. Spring fever is a feeling that is remembered by many throughout the months and is something to look forward to for all. As spring comes and goes, the summer approaches slowly and students going off to college start to realize how fast it all goes by, so take it all in while it is around you.