Get to Know Mr. McCabe

Allana Trombley, Writer

Mr. Colin McCabe, 35, is a new teacher this year at North Kingstown High School. He is teaching one Emerging Technology class, as well as Communication classes one through four. 

Teaching was a new experience for him; he had always wanted to embark on the challenges teaching brought,  but never found the opportunity. Before this, McCabe was the camera operator for basketball games at URI. When he received notice that there was an opening in the technology department at the school, he could not help but jump at the opportunity to come.

He took film and television classes in high school with amazing teachers who sparked his interest. He then lived in Los Angeles for 10 years working in film and television for Adam Sandler’s Production Company, Happy Madison Productions.

Working with the Emerging Tech class has been new and different for McCabe. It requires skills that he knows, but now needs to teach them to students.

All of the communications classes are going well, too. The students in the Com three and four classes are very skilled and rarely need any help, but McCabe is guiding them along when they need extra help. These students are refining their skills.

McCabe said the real teaching has been in Com classes one and two. “It’s been a lot of fun teaching the students the ins and outs of premiere pro.” He enjoys seeing the students take things they have never done before and create projects out of it. 

“The community here is really great,” McCabe said. ”The students are great; every teacher or administrator I have interacted with has been really helpful.” Not only is he a teacher, but a husband and father as well. McCabe’s third child was born a couple of weeks ago. His other rowdy kids on top of the newborn have been making home life an unexpected roller coaster ride. 

In order to balance his two worlds, he attempts to complete all of his school work within an hour after the day ends and gets home to take care of his children.  Once they are down for the night, he is able to finally rest and have time to himself.