What will Halloween look like this year in Rhode Island?

Charlotte Clawson, Staff Writer

This year, witches and ghosts are not the only things to be mindful of. With the number of COVID cases rising, it appears the possibility of a fun Halloween is disappearing simultaneously. However, Governor Gina Raimondo assures that there will be a Halloween this year, but granted, there will be obvious restrictions.

“It’s going to be different,” said Ramondo. As far as the specific restrictions go. Among the plethora of day to day restrictions there will also be face masks required on Halloween (costume masks will not count),  and small trick-or-treating groups will be required. Also, goodie bags of candy are encouraged as well as not trick-or-treating after dark. Now that this is generally known throughout the state, what do those participating in Halloween festivities think of these restrictions?

When asked “Are you sad that Halloween will be different this year?” Sadie (age six) said, “I’m just happy that it wasn’t totally canceled. It could have not even happened this year!” This year, Sadie is going as Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter franchise. She said, “I just don’t understand why there is a rule we can’t go trick-or-treating after dark. Won’t there be more people out during the day anyways?”

Mia, also age six said, “If they say Halloween is canceled this year I’m probably going to scream at the TV”. Mia is going to be Elsa from Frozen for Halloween this year.

It is apparent that these kids don’t really care what Halloween will look like this year, just as long as they get something to celebrate. It may just be the fact that they will be getting candy, but it’s easy to say that these kids are enjoying what they can in the pandemic and embracing everything it throws at them.