Unique year presents unique challenges for yearbook production

Ryan Lucowicz, Staff Writer

The yearbook class runs every year at North Kingstown High School for students to design a book for the school community. It preserves all memories of that particular year so students have a chance to reflect upon their various high school experiences. Mrs. Holcroft is the yearbook coordinator for the 2020-2021 school year. She says that the pandemic makes it more difficult to find content because many events are canceled or scaled back: “There simply is less going on due to COVID, so students have to be extra creative.”

Reese Powers, a senior at NKHS, took the class during the first semester and says she liked the challenge. “My intention coming in was to create my senior yearbook, but we could not photograph fun things happening throughout the school as there was no original spirit week, powderpuff, or homecoming. Although it was different, I still was part of creating the Yearbook!”

Mrs. Holcroft also said that she wants to thank all students who participated in the class this year and appreciates all of their hard work. 

When asked if he would purchase a yearbook, freshman Liam Wren said, “I have not purchased one yet, but I think I will. I hope they do a good job showing off this weird year”. 

If you have questions about how to purchase a yearbook, email Mrs. Holcroft at [email protected]