This is not the horror movie we had in mind

Ellis Schmitz, Journalist

During the pandemic, most people are probably asking, what are movie theaters like? Well, lucky you, the Current Wave decided to visit a local theater and tell you about what it’s like. Before anybody went to the theater, research had to be done. Were the movies even open? How will it work? The Current Wave looked into this at the Showcase Cinemas in Warwick.

The theater was very deserted. From the moment I walked in, I noticed that something was off. Nobody was there; there were more workers than actual customers. It was like a ghost town, no man’s land, it was like nothing has been there in years.

We decided to get our tickets. We chose to watch “The New Mutants by Josh Boone.” This is also different, you use a touchscreen. The touchscreen had a list of seating for the particular movie you were watching. We chose a seat in the back middle.

We got popcorn and drinks. The theater employees put a plastic bag over the top of the popcorn. They also wore gloves and a mask the whole time. After we got popcorn, we got drinks. They didn’t allow you to get your own drink so they did it for you. You tell them what kind you want, and they’d get it for you.  

We arrived at the movie early, so we sat down and watched the previews. It was eerie, considering there was nobody in the theater. Then, two people walked in. About ten minutes later, another two people walked in. That was it — only six people total in the theater. The movie started.

We were allowed to take off our masks while watching the movie, because we had popcorn and drinks. It went like usual until the end of the movie.

At the end, they told us to immediately put our masks on, and then we left the theater. Going to the bathroom was different too; some of the toilets were out of order. Also, the bathrooms were very clean; this is probably because of nobody being in there to begin with.

I hope you learned something from this. It is a good thing that they are considering the protection of customers and taking the proper precautions. The Current Wave would recommend going to the movie theater; it is very peaceful and nobody is there to bother you while watching a movie. You just have to make sure the theater you want is open. Here is a map and list of currently open theaters in Rhode Island. It is also very safe because they make sure to have as little contact as possible. It is a good thing that they are considering the protection of customers and taking the proper precautions.