The Nurse, Mr. Polseno’s aid to 2022

Sandhya Scott

Mr. Richard Polseno may be an English teacher by day, but by night, he is nothing short of a maestro. And his next big feat? The Nurse. Polseno had always been musically inclined, and started performing early on in life. I have played shows in many places for many years,” Polseno said. “The first show I played was when I was a senior in high school. One of my friends was able to get me a gig opening up for local alternative bands at a legendary venue called The Living Room in Providence.”
He has had experience writing many songs and creates under different pseudonyms, including Papa Crust, With All Due Respect, and Straight On ‘Til Mourning. His most recent band, The Nurse, was originally formed to help him cover some of his songs for the opening of one of his solo albums.
When I was putting together the CD release party for my solo album, Molts, in 2016, I assembled three of my musician friends to create a band so that my new songs could be performed the way they sounded on the album,” he said. “While practicing for the release party, the guys and I also started to write some material of our own, and realized that we worked well together.”
The Nurse features four members. Chris Quiray (lead guitarist), Kyle Siner (bassist), Jesse Desorcy (drummer), and Polseno, who also plays guitar and sings. Described as an
energetic, fun, and thought-provoking rock and roll band,” The Nurse’s music is often inspired by mythology, philosophy, and other similar subjects. And, with 2022 already in full swing, The Nurse has many long term goals they hope to achieve this year.
We are releasing our first single ‘Don’t Bemoan’ this Friday, January 14,” Polseno said. “It will be available on music streaming platforms. In February, we’ll be back in the recording studio to finish tracks 6-10 on our first album, Memento Mori. And, of course, we hope to play our first show (and several more) together this year!”