Taylor Swift: Gen Z’s Older Sister

Colette Fortenberry

To put it simply, “Taylor Swift is the music industry,” said senior Sophia Goodkin. Swift has written the soundtrack to Gen Z’s life, from her 2008 hit single “Love Story” to 2021, as Goodkin stated: “the draw-dropping rerelease of the “Red Album,” causing massive Jake Gyllenhaal slander across her listeners.”
She serves as a role model for many of today’s youth and through her music advocates for social justice. Goodkin explains, “She influenced society by allowing girls and guys to be who they are. In her “Lover” album she dedicated songs to the LGBTQ+ community and showed her support for them. She also influenced society to share what they believe in. She openly shared her political opinions and to vote for what you believe in.”
Goodkin dives into how Taylor Swift has personally inspired her. “I admire how strong Taylor Swift is. She has been through so much and still is in the public spotlight after 15 years. After having drama with other celebrities which ruined her reputation, going through an eating disorder, and being sexually assaulted, she still creates art for us to enjoy.”
Taylor Swift has one of the biggest fan bases in the music world. She has gained “Swifties” over the years with her ability to “produce all sorts of music with different genres. She started with country music in her albums ‘Taylor Swift’, ‘Fearless’, and ‘Red’. She moved into more pop on the ‘Red’ album but really produced pop music in the albums ‘1989’, ‘Reputation’, and ‘Lover.’ Taylor also produced two ‘indie’ albums, ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’,” said Goodkin. These albums have awarded Swift with eleven Grammys — three of these awards for Album of the Year, which she is the second-youngest person to have received.
Taylor Swift uses the chaos she often faces in her life as a celebrity to fuel her songwriting and what she produces. “She fights when everything seems the worst. When she was ‘canceled’ in 2016 she still came back with one of her best albums, ‘Reputation’. She also influenced me that it’s okay to share your feelings. She’s often criticized for writing about her exes and love life, but she has taught me that it’s totally okay to talk about it. That art and success can come from bad situations in your life such as a breakup,” said Goodkin.