Chris George dashes through the hole in the the opposing defense to score a touchdown for NK.

George continues football in college

Stephanie Diraison, Staff Writer
May 4, 2016

During the fall, Friday night football games are the highlight of many peoples week. It’s hard to go to a football game and not hear the name “Chris George.” The senior captain is the runningback...

Senior goal keeper Meghan ONeill makes a save during a fall outdoor game for NKHS.

College recruitment – hard work pays off

Jen Roth, Opinion Editor
May 4, 2016

For the students looking to pursue a typical post education high school, the college selection process may come easy. A student can get accepted and commit to a school within one or two weeks or get into...

Senior Liam Curran takes part in his own senior project: a basketball tournament.

Sports clinics for senior projects

Dylan Lampinski, staff writer
May 4, 2016

Spring time is here, and senior projects with sports clinics are making their way to NK. Not only are these events beneficial for the senior who hosts them, but they bring opportunity to all students school...

Cherry Blossoms bloom at George Washington University.

Seniors attending urban universities next year

Alexa Brennan , Editor-In- Chief
April 26, 2016

In just a few months, NKHS students will be moving to cities around the country, trading in the ocean, beaches, suburbs, and familiarity for skyscrapers, bright lights, urban neighborhoods, and a faster...

Senior Row sign that hangs over the benches.

The Truth Behind Senior Year

Clara Crawford, Staff Writer
April 26, 2016

I have played ‘Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne consecutively for the past two weeks. As someone who is transitioning into their last month of high school, I find it now harder than ever...

Traffic flows across the Hussey Bridge and a construction sign warns of the bridge closing on April 1st.

Consequences of the Hussey Bridge construction

Students are now more sleepy in school than ever before.
Melia Dion, Copy Editor
April 13, 2016

As if the school start time was not early enough, the Hussey Bridge construction now is forcing NKHS students and faculty to wake up at least a whole five minutes earlier. An extra five minutes may not...

Barry currently interns at the personal training and sports performance gym, Perfectly Fit, in East Greenwich.

Students gain experience through internships

Jen Roth, Opinion Editor
March 17, 2016

  Whether it is showing your outstanding skills or proving that you are more qualified than the person next to you, life may seem like a constant competition. It is an endless cycle of trying to...

My car and I

Alanah Gaudreau, Staff Writer
March 17, 2016

Getting your first car is not only exciting, but also important. As a high school student, it is difficult to find rides from place to place, and always a struggle when you are left to wait long hours...

Senior, Zack Queralla plans on hosting a surf clinic. He has been surfing since middle school and fully believes its his life passion.

Spotlight on senior projects

Katie Cox, Staff Writer
March 17, 2016

  It’s a very special time for all Seniors in North Kingstown High School. That’s right, it’s Senior Project season! Seniors in the school are spending time to figure out there senior project...

Seniors Sarah Beatty and Katie Connolly ride the Amtrak from Providence.

Ways of getting around now and next year

Transportation by train, bus, bikes, etc. more accessible than you may think.
Clara Crawford, Staff Writer
March 15, 2016

As we continue through high school, there is one particular desire that the majority of people have on their mind: driving a car to school. Not everyone necessarily owns their own, but rather...

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