Voices behind showcase

Amelia Oates, Managing Editor

May 4, 2016

Every year the students of NorTheatre come together to put on quite a production, unlike any other show NK produces.  Instead of showing us the world of Anatevka or a Greek tragedy, they present comedy.  The audience sits and instead of hearing the beautiful voices that NK has to offer, we laugh.  The...

Opening the stage for Fiddler On The Roof

Opening the stage for Fiddler On The Roof

Caterina Maina, Photo Editor

February 4, 2016

Crowds enter the auditorium, program in hand. The curtains separate as the pit begins to play the song “Tradition,” and the audience hears the sound of a fiddle as the stage begins to come to life. Then, a sultry male voice begins to speak, and the lights are ablaze. You are being imported to...

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