Seniors anticipate their bittersweet finale

Kelsey Coleman, Staff Writer
May 31, 2016

Four years ago, the class of 2016 walked into the doors of this huge school, ready for a fresh start and nervously running through the halls, avoiding senior row. Now these students walk into class late,...

Seniors share their opinions about scholarships

Emma DiMaria, Visuals Editor
May 31, 2016

What if there was a way to avoid spending an arm and a leg on college tuition? What if you were required to pay less for your higher education? What if I told you that there was a way to avoid the excessive...

Kurdziel continues her career at Lafayette College

Amelia Oates, Managing Editor
May 31, 2016

As May 1 rapidly approached, seniors felt increasing pressure to decide where they were going next year before the time runs out.  However, some seniors had the weight lifted off their shoulders earlier...

Chris George dashes through the hole in the the opposing defense to score a touchdown for NK.

George continues football in college

Stephanie Diraison, Staff Writer
May 4, 2016

During the fall, Friday night football games are the highlight of many peoples week. It’s hard to go to a football game and not hear the name “Chris George.” The senior captain is the runningback...

Senior goal keeper Meghan ONeill makes a save during a fall outdoor game for NKHS.

College recruitment – hard work pays off

Jen Roth, Opinion Editor
May 4, 2016

For the students looking to pursue a typical post education high school, the college selection process may come easy. A student can get accepted and commit to a school within one or two weeks or get into...

Senior Row sign that hangs over the benches.

The Truth Behind Senior Year

Clara Crawford, Staff Writer
April 26, 2016

I have played ‘Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne consecutively for the past two weeks. As someone who is transitioning into their last month of high school, I find it now harder than ever...

The entrance to the CCRI Knight Campus in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Get a running start for college

Allison Lenox, Copy Editor
February 18, 2016

Senior year of high school is the the end of an era; high school graduation approaches with surprising speed, and then college is right around the corner. Community college is generally thought of as an...

College Season: The hunt to find the perfect college

Emily Jones, Sports Editor
December 18, 2015

There comes a time in NK when the buzz of the holidays begins, and so does the buzz of college talk among seniors. Even if you are not a senior, every student has always been asked the dreaded college...

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