Students affected by lack of extracurriculars

Caroline Dowd, Features/A&E Editor

Normally, the beginning of the fall is an exciting time for high school students. New classes, fall sports and games, and the start of clubs welcome the new school year and bring the school community back together after summer break. 

This year, however, is much different. Due to COVID-19, fall sports have been postponed and clubs are meeting virtually. Many students who typically participate in fall extracurriculars are feeling isolated by the lack of in-person time. When asked how she’s dealing with this new normal, senior Cadia Greene simply responded, “I hate it.” For the record, Greene typically plays on NK’s volleyball team and participates in the spring musical. 

Emily Keene, also a senior, said, “I was really looking forward to my senior swim season, homecoming and just senior activities in general.”

While most students miss being in person with their friends, others feel relaxed by the lack of after school activities. One junior, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I actually don’t mind not being in school and doing after school activities. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to be doing something all the time, so this fall is kind of a nice break.” 

If you are still interested in participating in clubs and activities virtually, be sure to check out the various NKHS club and organizations Instagrams such @nkhs_student_union or @nkhscurrentwave for information on meeting times, or be on the lookout for emails from club advisors.