Skirty rises ‘to the top’

Student songwriter’s streams reach triple digits

Jack Vieira and Camdin Smith

Sophomore Caeden Geaber sits in his room and types away at a google doc. He looks at what he’s written and shakes his head. It’s been hours, but he still isn’t satisfied with his song. He deletes what he’s written and tries again. With some of his favorite R&B and hip hop playing, he finds the inspiration to write something that he’s happy with. What started from just an idea and a title has turned into another masterpiece.

Sixteen-year-old Caeden Geaber wasn’t always the soundcloud artist known as “Little Skirty,” but, he said, “I came from a bad place, but with determination I changed for the better.”

At age 14, Geaber started his music career and developed the name “Little Skirty” from his love of cars. 

“I was a car guy and I always loved drifting, and doing stuff like that, so, I was thinking and I was like, you know what? Let’s go with skirt,” said Geaber “It’s the most beautiful sound that comes out when you are flying on tires, ripping them up. Make some nice circles or whatever.”

Next, he started writing his first song. Taking inspiration from some of his favorite artists such as Ne Yo, Kid Laroi, and Big L, he starts writing a song about his rise to musical success. He struggled at first, finding it hard to write his verses, but with the help of his friend Young Pepper, he finished “To the Top,” a favorite song of Caeden’s to this day. 

“I just popped in, recorded, made it perfect, dropped it,” said Geaber.

When he’s not skating or gaming, Geaber  continues to write music, and although he finds it difficult, he perseveres because he believes that you need to “just keep going, whatever you believe in, whatever you wanna do, just follow it.”