Profile on Ms. Sherman

Profile on Ms. Sherman

Jessica Albright, Staff Editor

In a room across from the second floor spine, students can find calm lighting and comforting scents that offer a private space to escape from the stress of modern times. 

Following the departure of Mrs. A.M. Finlay, North Kingstown has a new Student Assistant Counselor joining the staff, Ms. Arielle Sherman-Golembeski. Working with a private agency, the Rhode Island Student Assistance Services,  Sherman is currently here for a temporary position. 

As the Student Assistant Counselor, Ms. Sherman works with issues regarding mental health and substance abuse, assisting with the prevention and intervention of substance abuse and misuse scenarios. She meets with students directly, advocates around school, and puts on campaigns that bring awareness to substance abuse and mental health. 

Students can either be referred to Ms. Sherman by teachers, friends, fellow students, or they can refer themselves. Ms. Sherman then has one-on-one sessions with individuals to aid the process of overcoming the various difficulties that high school students may face. Students can either email Ms. Sherman to schedule an appointment or can stop by Room 252 if her door is open. 

When students need a person to talk to, whether about drug-related issues, mental health issues, or other personal issues, Ms. Sherman is the person to contact. Aside from a peaceful environment, her room has various fidget and sensory tools to help alleviate the worries of students. 

If a student is in any need of assistance regarding personal issues, they should make an appointment with her. Ms. Sherman’s goal is, as she said, “to support students so that they support one another. Essentially, I want to create a ripple effect.”