NFL Covid Protocols

Doug Diano, Assistant Features/A&E Editor

The NFL 2020 season has taken many twists and turns so far. Outbreaks in the virus have caused teams from across the country to quarantine. Schedules have been shuffled and most fans can only watch the games from home.

The league was steady with the COVID-19 testing, until the Tennessee Titans had a spike in cases. Since then, the NFL has had more than twenty positive tests, not including the coaches and assistants who have tested positive. Given the circumstances, the NFL is giving players new protocols to keep the league as safe as possible. Another team that has been affected is the New England Patriots. They have had to shuffle their schedule and players have gotten covid-19.

The NFL has said, “free agents and players acquired from other teams will have the clock start on their six-day COVID-19 entry testing process the day they arrive, even if they’re not tested on day one.”

The league additionally mentioned they will now be “testing players, coaches, and staff for COVID-19 on game day.” This will help the spread of the virus drastically.

The NFL has had a rough start to keep America’s game safe. They are taking things to the next level and trying their best to keep everyone safe. Overall, fans just want things back to normal and to watch their favorite teams play. The changes that the NFL has been making have been helping them get back to normal. Over the past week and a half the covid-19 numbers have been going down throughout the NFL and everyone hopes for it to stay this way.