New artist emerges in North Kingstown: Sean Hodgson

Ethan Falardeau, Social Media Coordinator

Senior Sean Hodgson is currently an artist and has been making music for a little while. He plans on releasing plenty of new songs in the near future. According to Hodgson, “I’ve always liked music ever since I could talk. I didn’t know that I had the ability to pursue it until I saw that Antoine Davis was making it with his equipment.” After seeing plenty of artists make their break in 2020, many musicians similar to Hodgson are making their big break as well.

Sean’s early life was a little hectic after having to move for the first 12 years of his life. He said, “I’d say I had it a lot better than other people. Not that I was spoiled, but it’s not like I was waiting for my next meal or anything.” He saw many ups and downs in his childhood but quickly realized that music was something he would like to pursue. He began listening to country all the time because of his mom. After his parents’ divorce, he began to like “more of the modern hip-hop.”

Hip hop soon became one of Sean’s biggest dreams. Hodgson said, “It’s actually been a dream for a while behind being a professional athlete. It would be really cool to have a platform where people can listen to your music and feel your expressions through it. If something I create can help someone get through a tough time, that would be a great opportunity to have.” Sean loves to create music and has been closely watching for the right time to begin releasing his songs. 

Although Sean has been writing music for years now, he still has yet to officially release his songs. According to his friend Lauren Lindberg, another senior, “I think it’s super catchy and I think it’s nice chill music. If I were trying to relax and get away from school, that’s the kind of music he makes. I can sing along to it but also relax.” Wyatt Daft, another close friend of his to whom he has shown his songs, said, “I think he’s a highly talented rapper. He takes music seriously and has a good rhythm.” Sean has a very strong support system from his friends who strongly encourage him to release his music for the world to hear.

Sean believes that his music can reach out to a huge audience and can make it big in the industry. He’s extremely excited as more and more people are hearing his music unreleased and considering him as a valid artist. His friends and family are all behind him and watching closely as the day he releases his first song comes closer and closer.