Meet the new Media Specialist

Oluchi Ejiogu-Ebere

This year, the high school has gotten lots of new staff members who seemhappy to be doing their jobs. Mrs. Kelly Harrington, the school’s newest librarian, is one of them. Last year, during one of the toughest times of the pandemic, she worked full-time at Davisville Middle School (DMS) as a librarian.
Before her librarian career, she worked in IT for about 20 years.
Her first librarian job was at East Providence High School, then she had a full-time job at DMS. She has enjoyed reading books since she was a kid and it had always been her dream to work in the library.
Most people would agree with her when she says that being with family can be a fun time. She’s someone who loves to hike and travel (mostly outside the country). Almost every reader has a favorite book, and Mrs. Herrington’s is Ain’t Burned All Bright by Jason Reynolds. A few of her biggest accomplishments are having six wonderful children and becoming a librarian.
Everyone has at least one thing they look forward to in their work day. For Mrs. Harrington, it’s seeing students of all grades coming into the library, making it a safe environment for the students to find books or just to have peace and quiet to study, and being able to help with Chromebook issues. She thinks that it’s nice that students at North Kingstown High School are respectful, friendly, and well-rounded students. Mrs. Harrington is very helpful when looking for a book, she always makes sure that students know that they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.