Latest in technology shown off at CES

Linden Rogers, Staff Writer

Every January, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Consumer Electronics Show takes place. This is where tech companies from around the world show off their latest concepts, talk about their vision of the future and announce new finished products that consumers will be able to purchase soon. This year’s show was very different. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was forced to be an all-virtual event. The pandemic has slowed down a lot, but that doesn’t mean this year’s technological promises are any less exciting. Here are a few of the coolest new gadgets you might be using in the near future.

Cadillac: General Motors, and especially their Cadillac brand, unveiled a lot of interesting updates at this year’s show. They revealed a new eVTOL flying vehicle, which is closer to a person-carrying drone than a car. They also showed off a new self-driving concept car, called the Halo.

Samsung: As always, Samsung featured a ton of now-available products at CES. They created now have a TV capable of displaying four shows (or games) at once. It measures at a whopping 110 inches diagonally, compared to the average flat-screen TV that measures around 50 inches. A massive size also comes with a massive price, ringing up at $156,000 USD. The company also showed off a new feature called ‘Samsung Health’ that will have programs from famous fitness trainers built right into some of their new TVs. Last but definitely not least, they announced a new version of their premium Galaxy Note 10 phone called the Note 10 Lite. It is a version of the premium device for a more attainable price, estimated to cost under $500. 

Kohler: Of all companies to have new tech, you probably wouldn’t expect plumbing fixture company Kohler to make the list, but for the past few years they have made quite the splash (no pun intended) at CES. This year, they introduced a new $6000-16,000 bathtub that combines light, fog, and aromatherapy to make a relaxing, spa-like experience. They also showed off new touchless faucets to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Also, an “intelligent toilet” that has a heated seat, automatically opens and closes, has a built-in bidet, and has a remote was revealed.

Smaller Companies: Many smaller start-ups (or lesser-known large companies) also showed off some cool tech. Here are a few:

  • Chinese robotics company ‘Ubtech’ showed off the Adibot, which is a robot with a germ-killing UV light that can disinfect a specific area on command.
  • Binatone released a mask with built-in earbuds and a built-in microphone. It uses bluetooth to connect to your phone so you can make phone calls without having a muffled voice. And don’t worry, it is washable.
  • Segway developed a new rolling chair called the S-Pod that, just like other Segway vehicles, has one axle and balances as you move. 
  • Budget TV brand TCL has recently moved into the Smartphone space, and they’ve now solidified their place as a serious contender with the TCL 10 Pro. This new phone has a lot of very premium features only found on $1000+ phones, all in a great looking device costing around $500. It will be released later this year.


Despite its being virtual, in the midst of a pandemic, CES still did not fail to wow us with awesome new technology.