Know the North Kingstown High School administration

Samantha Campbell, News Editor

When people think about schools, they think about teachers and students. Even though the students and teachers are the soul of the school, we can’t forget about the spine.

The administrative team at North Kingstown High School is composed of five members: Dr. Barbara Morse, principal; Ms. Shivali Finkelstein, assistant principal for teaching and learning; Mr. Eric Anderson, assistant principal of student services; Mr. Christopher Cobain, athletic director;  and Ms. Kathie DeLuca, dean of students. 

These five members of NKHS are the team that keeps the wheels turning in the school. Although there are times when a student may forget the school is filled with more than just other students and teachers, their work does not go unnoticed. 

Even though they each have different job titles, they do have similar responsibilities. When asked what their main priorities are, Anderson said, “Safety and security [of the people in the building].” Everyone had a similar response; their main job is the protection of the people in the facility. 

Some may know who these people are, but may not know exactly what their jobs are. Don’t worry, this is a common question. NKHS’ administrators play important roles in their fields. Dr. Morse’s focuses on making sure all the students at NKHS have a proper, well-rounded education. Finkelstein focuses mainly on the learning and teaching aspect of the administration.  Anderson is mainly in charge of security, attendance, and special education. Cobain’s job is focusing on the athletic department at NKHS, DMS and WMS. Last but certainly not least, DeLuca’s main priority is student services and discipline.

Dedication is not something that goes unnoticed from these staff members. The majority have only been here for one or two years, but Dr. Morse has been with NKHS for over twenty-three years!

Sometimes it is hard to remember that teachers are people too, but like students, teachers have to get an education. Anderson went to URI. DeLuca and Anderson are both from Warwick. Some of the administrators are not from as close as a quick drive north; Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning Finkelstein is from Bombay, India. She arrived here in Rhode Island when she was twenty-one years old. Like Dr. Morse, DeLuca, and Cobain, Finkelstein attended Johnson and Wales University. 

Importantly, they all love their jobs. Dr. Morse put it frankly; she said, “not being in my job is not something I think about often.” The other administrators feel the same. If DeLuca didn’t work as the dean of students, she would be “an art teacher all day every day.”

Although sometimes their jobs can be difficult, considering they work with over a thousand high school students and faculty members, they still hold their heads up high and amaze everyone with their hard work.