Governor Raimondo to become next Secretary of Commerce

Caroline Dowd, Features/A&E Editor

On March 1, the Senate voted to advance the official confirmation for Governor Gina Raimondo, with votes 84-15 in favor of the potential Secretary of Commerce. 

The votes came after Senator Sheldon Whitehouse signed a cloture petition to end debate and begin the process to bring the nomination to a vote in the Senate. Texas Senator Ted Cruz had pushed back on Raimondo’s confirmation citing her stances on Chinese tech giant Huawei as “deeply troubling”.  

Raimondo appeared before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on January 26. The hearing focused on Raimondo’s stances on climate change policy as well as her work as Governor of Rhode Island. 

On February 3, the Senate committee voted 21-3 in favor of Raimondo’s nomination. A full vote by the Senate is still required to confirm Raimondo as Secretary. 

As Secretary of Commerce, Raimondo will be responsible for promoting American industry both domestically and overseas. She will be succeeded as Governor of Rhode Island by Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee.