Google Classroom vs. Canvas

Tyler Yang, Staff Writer

Google Classroom or Canvas

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NKHS should keep Google Classroom because it is better than Canvas for the 2020-2021 school year due to its simplicity and familiarity with students and teachers.  

Google Classroom was the old learning management system that was used last year and the years before. Canvas is the new LMS that will be installed this year for students and teachers to replace Google Classroom. Canvas is the new LMS that NK will be inputting this year however, there is no reason for the need to change to a new format because the school was doing just fine with Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom is way better than Canvas due to the fact that almost all students and teachers have used it before and are familiar with it. It also is more organized for students and teachers. Furthermore, I have been using Google Classroom since elementary school so I and many students know a lot about it. 

Due to the pandemic, school is a lot more difficult for students and teachers especially, so to add a new LMS to the curriculum will just add more stress on everybody in the classroom and learning at home. 

However, Canvas does have its advantages over Google Classroom since it allows teachers to customize their classes to how they want it to be, as well as some features that Google Classroom doesn’t have. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it will take some time for the teachers as well as students to get used to Canvas, as a result slowing down the learning process during class. During one of my classes that uses Canvas, the conference feature was just another Google Meet, it is also much more complicated and the overall quality of the conference was bad. In conferences, the connection was bad, it was complicated just to get on and to navigate the conference. Due to this we just went back to using Google Meet. Also, teachers have their own busy schedule to keep up with, so learning about a new program will just make their life a lot harder.

Introducing a new LMS at this point in time is just an overall really bad idea and we should just go back to using Google Classroom for this year. Also, if the school really wanted to switch over to Canvas they should have introduced it better than they did this year, instead they waited until right before the new school year was about to start. They should have at least let the teachers have more time to experiment with Canvas over the summer so that they had a base understanding of how it works. If they had done it this way then the switch could have gone more smoothly than it did. It took me a while to become used to Canvas and even till now I don’t know much of its features.

Google Classroom should be kept instead of Canvas at least for this year due to Covid-19 and until things calmed down. Google classroom is overall the better option than Canvas in this case and that NK should just keep going with google and not switch over to Canvas for this year’s school year.