Going to Korea in 6 Miles


Brandon Richard, Writer

One night, I wanted some exceptional food in a great atmosphere with good value, so I looked online for restaurants near me. The seventh result was Bapsang, a restaurant I had not heard of before. 

Interested, I checked out the restaurant’s website and discovered that Bapsang serves a variety of traditional Korean dishes. I decided to give this unique eatery a try. Overall, I was very impressed with my visit to Bapsang.

6170 Post Rd, North Kingstown, is the home of this eight-table restaurant. As I walked in, the aroma of fresh vegetables and spices traveled into my nose. Many noted this in their reviews as well.
My party was greeted by a warm smile and a “welcome” from the waitress. Looking at the menu, there seemed to be too many good choices. 

On initial thought, I thought the prices seemed to be a bit steep. Particularly, $10.95 for 6 KFC (Korean fried chicken), flavored wings appeared to be expensive. 

However, I chose to order the wings as an appetizer along with Japchae, commonly known as Stir Fried Sweet Potato Noodles. 

On a Friday night, the restaurant was about half filled. The atmosphere was cozy and warm, despite the freezing outdoor temperatures.

Fifteen minutes after ordering, the KFC wings came out, and I understood the reasoning for the $10.95 price. The wings were extremely large and smothered in a delicious, sweet, and garlicky sauce.

Shortly after finishing the wings, my main meal came out. My noodles were served in a large bowl piping hot. Mixed in with them were crisp, fresh vegetables like onions, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Over the top was perfectly cooked, thinly sliced Korean beef.

The sweet potato needles were indescribably soft. Certainly, they were homemade. 

Overall, the food was amazing. The flavor of the wings and noodles was something my palette had not experienced before. And, after seeing the large portions, I understood the price. Also, the whole restaurant was clean and it was clear that the owners took great care of their establishment. The overall attention to detail was unmatched.

All in all, I would rate Bapsang a four out of five — my only critique being the limited hours. They are closed on Sundays and only open for indoor dining on Fridays and Saturdays. Anyone looking to experience unique food in a cozy environment should travel to Korea in under six miles and visit Bapsang.