Fun-At-Home Activities

Eve Piazza

As we approach the anniversary of our second year dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are once again facing shut-downs, an extreme rise in cases, and the dreaded quarantine. Staying at home can be a challenge, but with a few fun and easy activities it does not have to be boring!1. Get PuzzlingPuzzles can be a great activity to ward off boredom. Not only is it super interactive, but also requires brain power! They are easy to find at your local Target or any other department store. However, if you want to remain inside 100 percent, Amazon or other online stores are great places to order from to ensure you have zero contact with others.2. Crocheting, knitting, or sewing There’s no better time to learn a new skill than when you are stuck at home with nothing to do. Materials are relatively cheap and, although it takes some time to learn, it is a super fun activity once you get the hang of it.3. Get back into readingMany of us have drifted away from our avid book reading stage that we were in as children. The good news is that it’s not too late to get back into it. There are probably tons of unread books scattered throughout your house. Reading can be the perfect escape, and that’s something we all need when we are stuck at home.4. Perfect excuse to binge your favorite TV shows
There is a plethora of content to watch on all the different streaming services. If a show or movie has been calling your name, now is the time to watch it! Pop some popcorn, kick your feet up, and binge!
5. BakingThis activity will not only keep you busy, but also creates some tasty treats. Test your chef skills and try to make desserts you’ve never had before. 6. Learn to play a new instrument If you have been wanting to learn to play a new instrument, now is the time! Youtube is a great resource to learn from and can help you learn all the skills you need. Just don’t get too noisy!7. Work out!If you’re looking to stay in shape or get in shape but can’t go to the gym, at home workouts are perfect. Even if you don’t have all the materials, household items can substitute for the real thing. For example, milk cartons can be used as weights and a piece of rope as a jump rope.8. Online shoppingWhile not the best habit, it is a fun activity for every now and then. Buy some cute new clothes and have a fashion show, or some posters and redo your room. The choices are endless, as long as you watch your budget.
Being stuck at home can be hard. Although it is necessary in our current time, oftentimes people find themselves bored. But with this guide you should never be at a loss for things to do!