From DMS to NK

Mrs. Alyssa Walsh re-joins faculty as interventionist

Tori Richard and Mel Velasquez

As Mrs. Alyssa Walsh walks out of her once eighth-grade classroom, she takes a breath as she looks back, time for a new beginning and a new start.

Back at the high school after a long stint at Davisville Middle, Mrs. Alyssa Walsh loves working as a day-to-day interventionist due to being able to be personable and easy to talk to. She is very motivated to succeed, hence working as an English teacher for 18 years. “The high school is very different from DMS,” she said. She attended the High school at the old campus where she was described as a “social butterfly” or “very girly.” “I did not have the best grades, and not the most effort either,” she said. But after many years as an English teacher, she was ready to change the course.Describing herself as graceful but extremely clumsy, Walsh’s mother put her in modeling to gain more poise, and she was a gymnast in high school. “I chose interventionist because I am looking forward to helping, not teaching,” she said. Though she is easily distracted, hence being a bit aloof or clumsy at times, she can always be happily distracted by any of the books by her favorite author, John Irving. When she’s not found reading or walking her dogs Basil or Duff, you can find her doing yoga to relax.

She took a lot of English classes in college but was driven to be a police officer. But after about two years she changed course and strived to become an English teacher with her exceptional skills. She now has a husband and three kids: Piper in the tenth grade, Cormac in the eighth grade, and Tierney in the fifth grade at Stony Lane.

As far as favorites, the herb cilantro is not a favorite, but she loves reality TV such as Love is Blind, Bachelorette, and Big Brother. Walsh grew up on Butternut Dr. in Wickford, and most of the kids she lived in the same neighborhood as, went to Hamilton, and around 30 kids lived in her neighborhood that she ended up graduating with.

You can now find her in Room 117 if you are having trouble with your grades or don’t have enough credits. Or you can just stop by to say “Hi!” Mrs. Walsh always loves a smiling face.

Mrs. Alyssa Walsh enters her new room, with two desks on opposite sides of the walls, and the sun shining through the window. She sighed happily, it was changing. A new start, a new beginning.