Football taking a turn for the worse

Ellis Schmitz, Staff Writer

The new football season has started. Before the season, however, fans were met with surprising news. Tom Brady was being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Patriots fans were shocked that the quarterback who had won them six Super Bowls was being let go. Fans were then told that the new quarterback would be Cam Newton, the previous Carolina Panthers quarterback.

After that, even more shocking news was delivered. Rob Gronkowski, the previous tight end for the Patriots, came out of retirement and decided to play for, you guessed it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This shocked fans even more; Gronkowski had also won three Super Bowls, all with Brady. These Super Bowls were XLIX, LI, and LIII. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were, according to CBS News, known as, “the Best Duo in the NFL.”

This season, the Patriots have a 2-5 record. This is an all-time low from the past 20 seasons that Tom Brady has played. They have lost every away game they played, and have lost half of their home games. The Patriots have a four-game loss streak. It’s apparent that they aren’t doing too well.

The Patriots won their first game by ten points but unfortunately lost their next game. After that, they won their game against the Raiders 36-20. During the next four weeks, they lost the next four consecutive games. The Patriots then won against the Jets by the skin of their teeth, 30-27. This all adds up to right now. The next game the Patriots will be playing is on the 9th. They will be playing against the Jets.

It’s fair to say that Patriots fans are unhappy with the current situation. They are also unhappy with the new players that have joined the team, most notably Cam Newton. However, the Patriots are hoping that they can come through and pull off the season well. Get updates on what’s happening this football season.