Football Stars of 2021

Madison Toubeau

The North Kingstown High School football team dominated this year, with 10 wins and just three losses. With the Skippers’ season ending with a Super Bowl win, I felt the need to interview some of the star players that made these wins possible. I interviewed two of the captains, Zach Girioni and TJ Gormley, the other two being Nathan Field and Aiden Nunez. I also interviewed Marcus Amaral and Liam McGovern, two of the largest players on the team currently, and KeithMancini, one of our best wide receivers. These fantastic players all contributed to the team’s great success in this year’s season.
Zach Girioni is one of the middle lineman, although not as huge in size as the endlineman, he is just as important in terms of skill and communication. Girioni felt he played his best during the East Providence game, completing lots of tackles. His season went very well, and he feels like the team really came together as a brotherhood on and off the field this year. While deciding against playing for college due to risk of injuries, his season ended well and no matter what, he felt that the team pulled together to face any challenges.
Kicker Matt Whitney earned us lots of field goals, with one of his best characteristics on the field being his consistency. His accuracy improved with each game this year, and not once did he let down our team by missing that extra point. His season was extraordinary, and he feels so amazed to be able to be a part of such a huge accomplishment for the school. He became closer with his teammates, and felt that that really made his season worthwhile. Even though he had a major shoulder surgery and many trials and tribulations throughout the season, he still was a very vital part of the team’s spirit that brought them to the finals. We can’t wait to watch him progress in college football once he commits to a school.
TJ Gormley, our running back for each of his four years at North Kingstown HighSchool, was a star player until his season ending injury during the Portsmouth game. He said his season and all previous seasons will be memories he cherishes for the rest of his life, and he will always be thankful and proud of the team for accomplishing their dreams of winning the Super Bowl. Although he enjoyed football, he has decided not to play in college. As sad as we are to have seen the last of TJ’s playing, we will always be glad to have seen him participate in our school.
Marcus Amaral, one of our best starting offensive and defensive lineman, has made the decision to not play in college due to current injuries that prevent him from wanting to continue. While supporting his decision, we will all miss watching his tackles and sacks. His season was phenomenal despite constant injuries and hard decisions to keep playing. His determined spirit kept him going through each obstacle that presented itself this season, and was a great contribution to the team spirit.
Liam McGovern, also a starting defensive and offensive lineman, is on the fence with college football while leaning towards not playing due to academic focus. His season went well, and he felt like the team felt like a family, and no matter what happened during games or practices they always pulled closer together instead of separating apart.
Keith Mancini is our wide receiver, and one of the only seniors to claim the position so well. With barely any missed passes, 13 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions all season, his season was phenomenal and one to be remembered. He plans on playing in college, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went pro afterwards. He has an offer from New Hampshire, but isn’t sure if he wants to commit there as he might get better offers elsewhere. No matter what, and knowing the end goal of winning was more important than tough days that kept him going through the tough
This team’s confidence and diverse skill sets both contributed to the team’s great success this year, and I want to congratulate all the players on and off the field this year. Each of you will remember your experiences for the rest of your life, and the friendships and family you gained will always stick with you. Each and every one of our players on the team this year had a wonderful committed mindset, and no matter if you played or not you were a part of a team you will never forget. Thank you all for your hard work, as it improved everyone’s Friday nights greatly. As someone who attended all but one cold Saturday night game, I am so impressed byyour dedication no matter how hard the games got or how much you wanted to quit.