Field Hockey Coach Julie Maguire gets 400th career win

Ronak Mohanty, Journalist

Coach Julie Maguire got her 400th career win with the North Kingstown High School varsity field hockey team against Lincoln School on Friday, October 9.

This was the first game of the season, and a home game for North Kingstown. The team won the game 5-0.

Maguire has been coaching field hockey at North Kingstown High School since 1989. This is her 32nd season as a coach. When asked on how she felt about her 400th win Maguire said, “Feels like I have been coaching for a very long time! My team played very well.” 

Coach Maguire has impacted my feelings and view of the sport. Because of Maguire, I have grown a love and enjoyment for the sport, which has given me dedication to develop myself and my playing ability”

— Adora Perry

This game was not only a big deal for Coach Maguire, it was also very important for all the hard working players. “Through the game, I had no idea that if we won, it would be her 400th win,” said sophomore Adora Perry. “It was a great win at the beginning of a long overdue season, and I think it brought a lot of joy to our players that we were out and playing again. I was extremely proud to know that the first game of the 2020 season, a delayed season with great uncertainty and so many regulations, was a landmark for the legendary career of Coaches Maguire and Graham. After all the effort they have given to get our team back on track through COVID-19, their accomplishment felt extra deserved”

Junior Lily Hague concurred. “We felt great and really proud to be able to contribute to her 400th win,” she said.

It is truly amazing what she has done for this program and I am honored to have been a part of it!”

— Dempsey Campbell

Maguire has also had a huge impact on these players’ lives. “Coach Maguire has shaped me into the player and young woman I am today,” said senior Dempsey Campbell. “She has had a huge impact on my field hockey career and has always believed that I have what it takes to play at the top level. She is always pushing me to my fullest potential and will always send me videos of new skills to try. I cannot thank her enough for continually bettering me as a player.”

“Coach Maguire has made a tremendous impact on my field hockey career,” said sophomore Clara Drinkwater. “Last year,  I had come to her as a freshman with little understanding of the game, and not very many skills. Through various practices and countless hours she has changed the way I see and understand the game. She not only helped me and my teammates improve our speed, agility and strength but taught us how to be a team while doing so. Most importantly Coach Maguire has taught me to play to win, instead of playing not to lose.”