Catch up on clubs


Lily O, Writer

NKHS Students, it’s the time of year to join clubs and after-school activities! There are lots of good things about joining clubs, such as making new friends, learning new things, and having fun! Please also keep in mind that some clubs are operating but membership has closed and that as more clubs get approved, more will be open to students. Also, there are more clubs than mentioned in this article. Please the link below for the full list, info, and more. At the moment, these are the clubs that still have open membership, and that are currently operating. 

  • Please see here for a full list of clubs and activities that are open right now. –  

Some of the Language Clubs that are available at the moment are French International Club and German Club. French Club meets every Thursday after school, in Room 206. The French club is for learning about different cultures, foods, languages, etc. The Advisor for this club is Madame Jones. German Club meets every Wednesday in Room 209, from 1:45 until 2:30. This club celebrates all things from Germany. The Advisor for the German Club is Mr. Zahren. Email Mr. Zahren with any questions about the German club at [email protected].  

Some of the clubs for the Art’s that are available so far are the Art Club and the NorTheatre Drama Club.  The Art Club meets every Monday and Tuesday from 1:45- 3:30, in room 133. This is a club where you can create anything, and learn how to use different techniques/and or media you might not have used before. The advisor for the Art Club is Ms. Strain. To join the NorTheatre Drama Club, fill out this Link to join their Canvas Page. This club puts on two performances every school year and is open for students interested in theater. The advisor for the drama club is Ms. Caiazza. 

Other Clubs/Activities that are available to students at the moment, (but not limited to) are The Explorer’s Club, Mock Trial Club, Computer Club, and ARC. The Explorer’s Club meets in room 231 every Tuesday after school until 2:15. The explorer’s club is a club for students that does outside activities, and every month they go on a trip, such as hiking, rafting, etc.  The Advisor is Mr. Bruno. Mock Trial meets in room 117 every Wednesday, after school until 3:00. The Mock Trial club gives students an opportunity to get a feel for things such as being an attorney or being on the jury, and students are teams guided by lawyers and teachers. The Advisor is Jordan Albernaz. Click here to join the Mock Trial canvas page. The Computer Club meets in Room 216 every Monday from 1:50 to 2:50. Students in Computer Club learn about computer programming, cybersecurity, and the functionality of computers.  The Advisor for Computer Club is Ms. Valente. ARC stands for Academic Resource Center, and this is an after-school help center, where you can help with Homework, and have questions answered. It happens in the media center every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 to 3:30. The advisor is Ben Gillet, (Please see this Flyer about ARC for more info). 

For additional information about each club, please see the clubs/activities PDF under students on the school’s homepage.