New faces come to NKHS

Charlotte Clawson, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, NKHS saw the coming and going of faculty members, with the departure of Mr.Dave Hoffer, math teacher,  and the introduction of many new faculty members.

“This is my eighth year teaching, so I normally don’t get too nervous the first day,” said Mr. Greg Roswell, a new member of the English department. “This year was totally different. I had never live streamed or remote taught before, so I was actually pretty nervous the first day.”

Other new teachers who have arrived this year are Ms. Emily Callahan (Fine Arts), Mr. Gus Steppen (Math), Mrs. Patricia Ouimette (Special Education), Mr. Chris Cobain (Athletic Director), and Ms. Shivali Finkelstein (Assistant Principal).

“What surprised me most about NKHS was the kindness of the students and staff as well as how helpful they are to new staff,” said Mrs.Ouimette.

“I was the [student government] advisor at my school, so spirit activities were a big part of my day,” said Rosewell.

Rosewell is looking forward to getting involved in something similar at NK.