Opinion: Cam Newton needs more time to prove himself; give it to him

Sophia Crisafulli, Journalist

Signing Cam Newton had been a controversial subject for many Patriots fans. Some felt this could be a change the Patriots needed, but many fans were skeptical of his different play style, and his ability to lead a team. 

Newton’s performance in the first three games of the 2020 regular season led the Patriots to a 2-1 record, proving him to be a promising new quarterback for New England. Especially with no pre-season, Newton deserves more time to establish his chemistry with the team, as well as learn a different play style and different method of coaching without being written off.

On other teams, Newton had proven himself to be a great player and team leader. In 2015, he led the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 regular-season record, and to Super Bowl L. Newton has also established himself as a great running quarterback, having 4,955 rushing yards and 62 rushing touchdowns, drastically different from former Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. 

In the three games Newton has played with the Patriots, he has had 714 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, four rushing touchdowns, and a passer rating of 89.7. 

Newton has also thrown two interceptions, making people doubt decision-making and his ability to throw the ball under pressure. 

New England, previously being a primarily passing offense, now has an athletic quarterback who can run the ball, unlike Brady, but doesn’t have the same passing skill and decision-making as the old Patriots QB. 

Not only is this a change for Newton, but a change for the entire team. Brady and Newton being incredibly different players, changes what the Patriots have the ability to do, the playbook, and the entire way the team runs.

Cam Newton may not be as good as Tom Brady, who is widely seen as the best quarterback of all time, but his potential shines. Given enough time, Newton can build chemistry, learn the in and outs of the Patriots offense, and lead the Patriots towards a winning record, and a possible playoff spot, even with the hardest schedule in the NFL.