Expanding artful horizons

Art gallery opens its doors

Michael Cavros, Staff Writer

To give North Kingstown a taste of the artistic ability of her students, art teacher Ms. Janice Strain is re-opening the student-led art gallery. Starting this year, students will be able to visit this enclosed section in the lunchroom, and view their peers’ artwork, letting them learn new things about the school’s art program.

Strain said she was motivated to open the gallery because “there was no place to share art. The only way people could see art was in an outside show, because the school won’t let art be hung up outside, due to the fire hazard….The artists never had a place to shine.”

Over the past few years, COVID-19 has been closing things down, and now, almost two years after the first lockdown began, student activities are beginning to reopen, starting with this art display. The colorful and free-flowing area was set up to try to bring students together through a common interest in art.

Strain also emphasized her hopes for the future by saying, “I want this gallery to be a place for solace, wonder, peace, and artistic tranquility. It’s a place for congregation, not just for the featured artists, but for the students that come in. This is everyone’s gallery.”

The interest of art is something that can bond people together, but Strain hopes that it can help young artists grow a bit of a reputation, and inspire them to create and share more artwork with the world. She has even pointed out that this is an equivalent to the sports games and concerts that the school holds when she said, “It’s the same as for the athletes and musicians and actors and actresses; it provides them acknowledgement for their artistic skills for their family, friends, and peers.”

Feel free to participate in the wonderful world of art during lunch, when Mrs. Strain’s art gallery is open to all.