Antoine Davis album goes tri-coastal


Ethan Falardeau, Social Media Coordinator

As of 2020, North Kingstown’s number-one rapper, Anthony Forcelli, more commonly known as Antoine Davis, released a hit album during early September. The album reached smashing numbers and solidified his role as a legit artist. After speaking with Antoine himself, he said, “The album is around 57,000 or something like that.”  

From a young age, Forcelli was in love with music, especially rock-and-roll bands such as Linkin Park, Lamb of God, and Metallica. He began composing his own songs as early as first grade. At one point, he even wanted to be in a band. As time went on, Forcelli’s love of music dwindled until his discovery of rap and hip hop. Forcelli said, “As time passed, I fell out of the love I had for making music until I heard the genre of hip hop and rap and I remembered how creative and inspiring making music people could relate to was.”

Music was definitely a strong calling for this artist.

“I’m settling for nothing less than a music career,” Forcelli said. “I don’t want to live a white picket fence life where I get useless information and a bunch of lies in a textbook that they say I need to know for my job. Then go to college to get a decent job with a decent area to raise my family. I don’t want to live like everyone else. I have always been an outcast, which pushes my drive and hunger to stand out.” Currently, Forcelli is striving for the best life doing what he loves and will not rest until it is achieved. 

In ten years, Forcelli sees himself as a full time successful musician. According to one of his best friends, Michael Kilduf, “ I see him in ten years at the top of his game. I think whatever he puts his mind to he will master and accomplish.” All of Forcelli’s friends are great supporters of what he does and will achieve in the near future.  

To Forcelli, his best friends are like family. He has a supportive team around him, made up of a small group of friends that are able to work together and create meaning through music. Friend Sean Hodgson said, “He’s very motivated and driven with what he does and that correlates with his talent and success in music.” 

Forcelli concluded by saying, “To the people that think they’re the best at this and run this game, I’m on my way.”