Another new face arrives at North Kingstown

Ryan Henderson , Staff Writer

North Kingstown High School is a massive community, and it can be an overwhelming process to get to know every new face in the hallway. One of the school’s new faces is Kevin Dalton, a recently hired literature teacher with the enthusiasm and energy any student will find helpful in the classroom. 

This year is Dalton’s third year working in the field as an educator, having previously taught intervention and organization classes in the Media Center. Dalton graduated from St. Michael’s College in 2019, obtaining a major in secondary education and English. 

While in high school, Dalton was unsure of his future plans and believed he would most likely end up following a career in marketing. However, by his senior year, those plans changed. Dalton was not a huge fan of school, and he decided he wanted to make a difference for kids who may be struggling.

 “When I was in high school, I struggled myself and saw other kids around me struggling just as bad,” said Dalton. “Before senior year I could not have ever imagined myself teaching in front of a classroom full of students, but I wanted to do what I could to help and make school more enjoyable for the students who needed it.” 

Dalton has since worked with students to help improve their work habits and strengthen  their academic weaknesses, pushing them along to succeed and inevitably graduate.