Thanksgiving with COVID

Kelly Deignan, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is coming up. Yet this year will prove different from others because of numerous impacts relative to COVID-19. The virus could possibly take the joy and fun away from Thanksgiving. Nobody wants this to happen.
Thanksgiving preparations can involve a variation of different festivities. Some families shop for cooking ingredients and winter clothes. Others travel to meet their relatives from afar. But travel this year might not be the safest option. If you absolutely have to travel, you should try your best to keep your exposure to people at minimum.

“I will not be traveling this Thanksgiving because I do not feel the need to travel anywhere with COVID-19 still spreading,” said Wakefield resident Susan Sweeney. 

Thanksgiving can still be fun, but more importantly, it has to be safe. Large parties are frowned upon; small get-togethers are encouraged. If you cook big meals to drop off to neighbors or friends, and those individuals are at high risk, the best way to deliver their dinner is in a contactless manner. 

According to the CDC, high risk activities you can avoid this year include: going to a crowded shopping center, going to big parades, using alcohol or drugs (they could cloud your judgment on whether you are being safe or not), and having a big Thanksgiving party.

 “Normally my half of the family has a big dinner party the Sunday before Thanksgiving, but this year we will have to figure out a way to keep it safe. That might even mean we have to do it virtually,” said Becky Sardinskas, a resident of Portland, Conn.

Most families love Thanksgiving because it gives them a chance to reconnect with family members they haven’t seen all year. On the other hand, Black Friday is often less celebrated. But those that do celebrate often do so energetically. 

“Yes, I absolutely love to go Black Friday shopping with my friends and I hope we will be able to do it again this year,” said NKHS student Rory Sullivan. 

For the sake of the state, it is best if everyone finds a way to celebrate in safe ways. There are alternatives to the traditional festivities, people just have to accept these additional options.