Keeping a positive attitude through the holiday season

Samantha Aguire, Staff Writer

With Christmas right around the corner, many are eager to jump right into the holiday season. All the decorations, cookies, presents, parties, and family gatherings make this holiday special, but this year, there is one thing holding some of that back.

COVID-19 has been interfering with all of our holidays so far, and Christmas is next. As we know, Gov. Gina Raimondo has been setting strict rules for what we can and can’t do during the holidays to keep the virus from spreading. By the looks of it, Christmas won’t be normal this year, but you can still make it enjoyable even without parties or big family gatherings. 

Julia Aguire, 21, said, “We are only spending Christmas time with our immediate family and not going to my uncle’s and step aunt’s for Christmas Eve and day.” She also mentioned that she will not be having Festivus (a holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the Christmas season). In her family, it’s almost like a mini Christmas with close family.

This year we will have to try our best to make this favorite holiday work in order for the season to be just as special as the last. There are a few ways you can incorporate extended family into this holiday such as going on a zoom call all together or even exchanging gifts through the mail!

Freshman Ceriana Carnevale explains how she will get in contact with family on Christmas while still following COVID safety guidelines. She said, “Last year we went up to New Hampshire to visit family like we usually do, but this year it will be a Christmas in Rhode Island with a big zoom call for presents.”

The restrictions also come with the downside of not being able to see some family members you may look forward to seeing. Those with big families will have to get creative and find a way to celebrate Christmas safely. Others with small families may even be able to get together with their whole family like they normally do. It’s all a matter of time and how this virus plays out.

Ms. Rachel Sliwkowski, a science teacher at NKHS, is keeping a positive attitude for her Corona-friendly plans this Christmas and was asked to share her feelings about the restrictions. “I do have a really small family so hopefully we can all be together for the holidays. We keep hearing ‘get creative,’ so I think we need to keep that mindset as we enter the holiday season. I don’t think any of us expected to be in this predicament for so long and it is hard to follow these changing rules for so many months.”  She mentioned that she wants our NK community to stay happy, healthy, and safe throughout the holiday season.

The biggest thing is for everyone to keep a positive mindset about how you incorporate your traditions into Christmas this year. Get creative, and most importantly, stay safe!

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