Importance of volunteering


To the editor,
As students at North Kingstown High School, we feel it is greatly important that students, especially upper classmen, take part in volunteering. Not only does volunteering look good on college applications, but it teaches students about values not attainable in school. I feel it is important that our school gives us the opportunity to give back by bringing in leaders of organizations in need of volunteers to succeed. I feel we would surprise ourselves with how much we are willing to help and the amount of personal satisfaction we would get out of helping others. The reason that many people don’t volunteer is that they have no idea where to begin. Our school should hold a “volunteer fair” that showcases the available opportunities in our community. I feel many students would volunteer at their own volition. I also understand, however, that many students will choose not to. Although, if it means that people in need could be helped, isn’t it worth introducing it to the students to show them what they’re missing? The worst thing that could happen is that a small amount of people’s lives would change for the better. I know that I am not the only one who feels that helping others is an important part of everyone’s virtue, and I think that if the option arose, many students would jump at the opportunity to give back. I hope that our school will consider organizing a volunteer day to not only help our undergrads get ahead in the college application process, but also to push our students in the right direction, and see what volunteering has to offer them in return.
Erin Wietman
Hana Schein