‘Devil May Cry 5’: Review and special edition explained

Kyle Thole, Online Editor

The awarding-winning action game, “Devil May Cry 5,” will be re-released as a Special Edition later today for the PlayStation 5 and was released Tues., Nov. 10 as launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. 

The upcoming Special Edition of the game will add new features to the game, and make the graphics better while improving the frames per second for the game from 60 to 120. The additions to the game include a new difficulty level, turbo mode, which increases the speed of the game up by 20 percent and makes the fan-favorite character, Vergil, playable. This is all being done while decreasing the cost for the game from the base $60 to $40. Vergil will be available to buy as DLC on Dec. 15 for $4.99.

The original version of the game was already a fantastic experience. It was my introduction to the series and since has become my favorite game series. It was my personal pick for game of the year in 2019. 

“Devil May Cry” is a series based around fun, easy-to-pick-up, but hard-to-master gameplay which involves doing long combos against hordes of enemies while looking as “stylish” as possible, but has some of the most difficult boss fights out of any games. Each mission ranks you on a style meter that ranges from D to S, and points can be earned by doing stylish combos that are ranked from D to SSS rank. 

The combat being easy to pick up makes it easy to enjoy right off the bat, but the high skill ceiling makes it even more enjoyable to improve at. The boss fights are all well designed and challenging to beat, but feel fair. 

While the story of the game is nothing past being average in quality, revolving around Dante, Nero, and a new character, V, it is by no means bad, and picks up a lot by the end of the game. The story’s simplicity is used as an advantage to the game, making it easy for someone who is starting the franchise for the first time to understand and enjoy without playing any of the previous four installments in the series. 

The character writing is surprisingly well done for such a straightforward story. The main character of the franchise, Dante, is portrayed in the goofy and crazy way that fans have come to love. Nero, the newly introduced protagonist in the fourth installment of the series, has been improved in both his gameplay and characterization from the fourth game.

The game’s soundtrack is also a strong point. It’s not consistent in its quality, but none of the songs in the game’s original soundtrack are bad, they range from being average to some of the best music in gaming. The theme for the character Nero, “Devil Trigger,” is well regarded as one of the best songs in video games.

The game’s cutscenes are also well made. The animation and realism in them are great. The game also has amazing cinematography, the best that I have ever seen in a video game. 

All these things combine to form one the best game experiences somebody can have. “Devil May Cry 5” is a game I would highly recommend. If you got the original version of the game but are not a fan of the series, I would not recommend buying the new Special Edition of the game. If you are a fan of the franchise, “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” is a must buy if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X. If you are a fan or the series but do not own a PS5 or Xbox Series X, the Vergil DLC coming out on December 15 is a must buy.